Presenting Egg Plant Sorche/ a veggie delight

Replacing the Hilsa or the Bekti from the authentic Sorche recipe, I think I did a good job. I used the Egg Plant to substitute fish,instead. The egg plant is a tasty and impregnable vegetable, which on cooking releases its own aroma and qualities while at the same time acts as a quick absorbent to the spices and gravy it is put in. For this was the heavenly mustard seed gravy, with the uniqueness of sweetness and a spicy hint.

my egg plant sorche

I am penning down the recipes for instructions to be followed.

500gms/ 2 medium to large egg plants.

3 tbs mustard oil

1 tbs poppy seeds

2 tbs mustard seeds

1-2 medium tomatoes

1-2 medium onions

5-6 garlic clubs

1 tbs turmeric powder

A pinch of red chilli powder

1/4 tsp nigella / black caraway seeds.


during marination

To begin with :

Cut the egg plant into circular discs. Now just like the fish, marinate your egg plant in turmeric and salt. And let it rest for about 15minutes.

Also soak the poppy seeds and mustard seeds for 15 minutes to soften a little.

In a grinder put the tomatoes, onion, garlic, soaked poppy and mustard seeds and grind to a thin paste.

Heat mustard oil in a flat pan to shallow fry the marinated pieces, make sure to turn sides every minute and fry until it looks equally golden on both the sides. Leaving it on a high flame will cook only on the surface, undercooking it In the centre.

Set aside the cooked egg plant and put some more mustard oil in the same pan.

Sprinkle the black caraway seeds then Pour in the ground paste and let it splutter until cooked to a thick paste with separated oil.

Once the ground paste is ready add a little water and mix well to a boil. The gravy is ready.

I had an option to dip the cooked egg plant in the gravy but chose to place it separately on the serving dish . Serving the gravy in a bowl with some sprinkled fresh green coriander and steamed rice.

Honestly, it tasted amazing and needs a trial. So for all those who do not eat fish need not miss this recipe as it does complete justice to the replacement. I enjoyed every bit of it and hope you do the same.
Take a hint on how to cut the egg plants through the pictures I have posted, during my cooking. Strike out diagonal cuts in the egg plant to help absorption.

served hot with steamed rice

Enjoy the recipe and leave your comments and may be we can create something new ! Keeping my hands at work, Next I am planning to bake a crispy Apple & cheese patty. So keep reading and Bon appetit.

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