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Try your snacks mixed up with regular food👌

Hello readers, this is my second edition on healthy munching, my backdrop is the beautiful Qutub Minar and I am on the roof top in conversation with chef Megha Kohli, at Lavaash by Saby. It was quite an enriching experience where The Green Snack co came up with a tie up at Lavaash where Chef Megha, recreated the whole idea of healthy snacking and held a very special cook-out session.
Peasant Wraps garnished with Kale crisps and Quinoa puff

The beauty was brought about with the ideology of mixing the Quinoa puffs and Kale crisps with our usual snacks. She used simplified recipes to create toppings ,dressings and even delicious vegetable rolls. Given it a thought, it’s an amazing replacement to all the fatty and non healthy fried starters that come to our minds first when planning a party. So when I ask, how to best Taste the Goodness?, these Snacks & food mixology would be the answer.

Char filled Prawns with Kale crisps and Quinoa puffs.

This simple innovation can specially help those who love to keep their meals quick, healthy and hassle free. Some of the dishes craved out at the cook out session were Peasants Wraps with Cheese and Onion Kale crisps and Peppy Cheese Quinoa, Jurassic cheese pizza with crispy cheese & onion kale chips, Lavaash crackers with sea salt vinegar kale chips and zest quinoa, baby eggplant tolma with sea salt vinegar kale chips and peppy cheese quinoa puffs and char grilled prawns with tahina peppy cheese quinoa puffs.

Baby eggplant Tolma with Quinoa puffs.

Chef Megha Kohli sparkled the fact that the “company keeps its ingredients simple and easier to understand “. There are no complex ingredients or chemicals added.”

Divya Aggarwal (CMO & partner) & I posing with my favourite pack!!

It is this creativity and availability of a good quality ingredient such as the Kale crisps and Quinoa puffs, that can make healthy snacking a way of life by providing nutritious and delicious snacks using different super foods, providing the consumers a perfect alternative to the unhealthy snacks.

At Lavaash by Saby

A big word of thanks to the beautiful set up provided at Lavaash by Saby. The  place is designed for casual style dining and serves a mix of Armenian and Bengali  cuisine, with the Prawn Tolma as one of the popular dishes. If you are looking for a really comfortable space for dinner, plan it here. You can call at 011 33106315 and book a table with them. 

So readers, try mixing your snack with regular food and let’s see how creative we can get to pamper our taste buds. Please do not forget to share your food ideas with me. Keep reading and munch healthy!

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