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Delhi NCR’s new premium live music destination.

In Sync at the Peoples & Co

Advaita, The Band brings Fusion music to the Music Hall Launch at the Canvas Laugh Club in Gurugram.  The music was much appreciated for its choicest songs, raising a toast to its very first extravaganza. The show took off houseful and a comfortable food and beverage service added to the oomph!

It was an electrifying lineup on stage as the performance was rolled in great energy of the music lovers who hit the venue in big numbers. Apart from all the laughs and giggles, Canvas Music Hall is the next premium live music destination.

Advaita the band

Anoop Sebastian, Programming Head, CLC was all in praise of the event ‘Canvas Laugh club has finally opened its doors to something that we have been wanting to explore for a very long time. In an attempt to resurrect the dying live music scene in our country, Canvas is aiming to curate and execute a gig with a unique setting, with top notch artists, who will provide you an unforgettable experience. The right way to witness a music gig is when all concentration is channelized towards the act that is on stage. The music being so elite that there is no room for conversations. The theater setup in Canvas is the optimum space to experience just that. With the intention of making this into a regular affair you shall be hearing from us on a more frequent basis. See you at the show! 


About Advaita the Band-

Advaita at MTV Coke Studio

Advaita is an Electric fusion band based in New Delhi. Ever since 2004, they have established themselves as a class apart bringing most innovative and original acts on the Indian music scenario.

While they stick to the Indian classical music as a mandatory element, they have incorporated global mixes to their music, bringing the surprise element within a song. Carving out this niche in the genre, Advaita, has made a special place in its audiences’ hearts. The audience would float with an ongoing note of the Indian classical while there is a sudden lift of rock music bringing in the Smooth, husky voice of the western music vocalist in contrast to the deep and powerful notes of the Hindustani classical singer. The drums and the guitars successfully walked the audience into the real experience of feeling the music.

Advaita plays with a mix of keyboard, guitars, tablas, drums and flute. It is said that out of all other Indian instruments, Sarangi most resembles the human voice. Advaita was the only band who played to be Season 1 of MTV Coke Studio. It was from here,

that after a spectacular response from the Coke Studio, the band was given the honor to do a full 1 hour episode on the famous MTV Unplugged.

Advaita live in action

About the Canvas Laugh Club-

Very popular with the youth for its funny shows, the Laugh Club is now India’s biggest comedy company, promoting and providing a platform for India’s budding talent. The group has been working hard to bring out the best of talent and shows. The CLC introduced to the audience an art form, which is now more of a trend and much appreciated for its light humor, social spoof, satires and gigs.

The best of shows happening over the weekend have been memorable with AIB, East India Comedy, Aditi Mittal, Abish Mathew, Varun Thakur, Kanan Gill, to list a few.

AIB- Image courtesy-

All of this began in Mumbai, much before the YouTube came up with the comedy world. Apart from the stand-up comedy, the Canvas Laugh Club is very popular as evening destination for exclusive theater performances, like the Vagina Monologue, Bakchod, Improv comedy, children’s theater and many more.

I think instead of sitting in front of the ‘ediot box’, we should get more live and hit the place more often for a real time experience

. If you want go by my experience, then I must say: “You can even cancel your movie tickets, for this place rocks!”

Me at CLC, Cyberhub Gurugram.

About People & co-

The very term ‘People & Co’ hints to the fact that this is the place for, by and of the people. They just love everything about people and their habits, moods, flaws and talent. Inspired by all kinds of people, imaginary or real, they believe in expression, in laughter, in feeling, in taking risk, in talking and exploring. This is the place which has a stage where anyone can sing their hearts out and a theatre where funny people can tickle every cell in your body. In totality, they wish to understand the repercussions of beings a human being. Sitting together and sharing a similar good experience, brings in good company, new association and great time spent. Get the experience this weekend and book your tickets on Bookmyshow and do not forget to share your experience with us. After all we are all looking forward to happy times and a lighter living.







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