Colorscape By Tanisha Jain

Colorscape is a dream come true for a very young artist to exhibit her work at Alliance Francaise, last weekend. Dear readers it brings me real pleasure to introduce Tanisha Jain, our artist who at the age of 17 has painted canvases with her flamboyant ideas of happiness and beauty in and around her.

Colorscape at Alliance Francaise

The Feel good factor-

The artist has used vibrant colors depicting positivism and magnifies her idea of happiness in every frame. Accordingly her paintings have a common aspect which is a mix of few colors that she has used in most of her work.


Vibrant Colors Adding Essence

Medium used-

For this collection, Tanisha has used acrylics, oils and pencil as  mediums. If you look closely through her work, you will discover that her strokes and the way her brushes have run the canvas are that of a dandy. Human figure paintings have been a theme with Western Art and in the Renaissance, where then too oil paint has been the ideal media for depicting the figures. Here too Miss Jain has incorporated ideas and skill to bring perfection to her work.  These paintings with figures, stood out to be one of my favorite at the exhibition.



About the work-

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things”-  Edgar Degas.

While we walked through the gallery, she spoke diligently about her paintings. She said, “none of these were fixed ideas, I would just pick my brush and colors, while the brushes would start speaking my mind on the canvas”.  I am sure, that all of us there could vouch upon this, as every canvas had a single theme: of a joyous, gladsome, brave and a cheerful young hand behind every frame.

Abstract art with combination of colors – leave you to self imagination

The Theme-

“If you look around you will only find bright colors, which means nothing sad!”. Tanisha’s art is panglossian, as per her, colors bring light and light is a sign of hope and happiness which is the need of the hour. We are all busy in a schedule and work like robots, where very little time is spent enjoying the real world. If a mix of bright colors can make a canvas look beautiful, then imagine the power of colors in your daily lives.

A walk trough colorful frames depicting happiness and youthfulness

Alliance Francaise- the venue

It was also brought to notice that the organizers had a very tough time dealing with the premises management where there was little to no assistance during three day exhibition. It is these spaces that add value to the exhibitor, when they plan on locations and duration of the  event. However tough it was, it could not kill the zeal but instead it was a super-hit and much loved solo painting exhibition of the quarter. The event was visited by few seasoned artists who rendered Tanisha with great appreciation and motivated her too. She was great full to the new ideas and very enthusiastic about trying them in her new edition.

Acrylic Painting captioned-Omniscient View (Each eye sees the wolrd with a different view & a different Perspective)

A Brief One On One with the Artist-

  • What was the inspiration behind this collection?

” Colors bring joyfulness in me, so me and my brushes together are spreading contentment and optimism through these frames.

  • Who was your motivation to develop your ideas?

“My parents have always recognized the talent in me and have played an imperative role in making me who I am today. Without them Colorscape would not be possible.”

  • Which piece of work is your favorite and why?

” I love the painting in Acrylic which is captioned -‘My Way Or No Way’, as the bold red lips speak about my personality and the cool blue ascertains my Identity.”

  • If given a chance, to make use of more mediums, will you like to experiment?

“Of course yes!, painting is a creative skill, and exploring ones emotion through various mediums will primarily  help to bring further best in me. During this exhibition, I got a chance to meet seasoned painters who have encouraged me to use new skills and mediums as they found my work to be very progressive, inspired and attractive.”

  • How easy or difficult is it to manage art, school, co-curricular activities and personal life at your age?

“At times the schedule seems very tight, but since painting comes naturally to me, it takes very little efforts to mix it well with other things happening around me. While I muse away, I enjoy listening to music and even play the guitar. Being with friends and spending time with my parents and siblings is one of my favorite activities.”

  • When are you planning to showcase your next collection?

“I got an unexpected response from my first exhibition, its like a dream come true for me, I intend to make a mark in the field and pursue it further with more experiments and learned skills. Painting has been my priority and I am sure that compassion, life and Imagination will surely guide me to a new perspective soon.

Acrylic painting- Tanisha’s Favorite- captioned-My Way Or No Way!


It is not surprising to know that our young artist was hosted by her parents who have always motivated her to paint and bring out the best in her as a child. While I was talking to her beautiful mother,  I came to learn that Tanisha has very intelligently managed all co curricular activities, academics, and time with her siblings.  She is a very talented person.


“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.” – Plutarch

I am sure we all love some frames in our houses that speak a whole lot of stories, told and untold. Try installing paintings which leave you to guess and comprehend beauty in your own words. Walking down the gallery, I was awe-struck with every piece of her work. That’s when I felt, Colorscape has a very delighting message to spread, which is to live a lighter and brighter life with never ending happiness.

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