This Mother’s Day surprise your mom. Find gifting links & make it special.

Mother’s Day celebrations are on, while everyone is busy surprising and thanking their superwomen, I could just send my wishes to you like I do every day with my first breath.

Safer than safe!

One person who is above and beyond any celebration is that one woman who has passed all exams and fails at one single look on your face, whenever you disagreed. We can call it a mother’s day- everyday for her and I am sure none of us disagree. So this time apart from saluting all the womanhood and those famous figures who have made a mark in the history books is the very special strong and enduring woman in all of us’s life.

Toys are us!! …and all the mess!

Rainy days came to me only in songs, when I was celebrating a silly heartbreak on my pillow. Starting my day with asking what’s going to be in my tiffin to ending my day comfortably leaving everything unplanned for tomorrow.

Home is home when you are there

Having someone worried behind me while I was strolling hassle free in the streets or sitting at a friends place doing nothing against all seriousness for class test soaked at home.

Thank you for watching over

I thank her for the effortless life, when everything I wished was on my platter and served with most care and concern. The extra entremets came without asking.

Lovely pickles always there😍

Food most celebrated and histories told behind every flavour indulged. How enforcing and enveloped was the feeling that there was always an equal and opposite reaction, to break free and lay some new ways that seemed so enticing and convenient but we less knew how important the former was.
So who cared about the wardrobe either. At least my job was to simply pull out a well ironed set every time required.

Thank you for your faith in my choice

The gleam in our eyes and these successful years as a happy individual, I owe all to her, for this person in me would never be possible without that glowing face, which slowly gained wrinkles worrying about me and believing strongly in all irrelevance I dreamt of.

Those long hours in your laps

The best source from where I could pull complete support and a selfless advice to stand strong against the rest of the world. Working for hours during the day at work and still meet me afresh, that smile thought me a lesson for life on patience and endurance, and lives within me still.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the lovely mommies around the globe and a small word of thanks for everything.

Thank you for whatever little I have learnt and for being there mom


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you can lay your hands on‎

I guess, you will surely find something memorable to surprise your mom from these links. And if it really does, please share your experience. For all those who are naturally gifted with a talent, would barely need these links and have surely planned one of their own creation. So even if you cook or simply draw or take her out for a long drive, find time and write to me, I shall share it further with my dear readers.

So have a fun filled and loved day with your mother.


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