Tubelight – A Copy Or An Inspiration?


Tube light starring Salman Khan plays “LITTLE BOY” as the protagonist.


Little Boy- Poster


Tube light, is an emotional drama, written and directed by Kabir Khan, where Shah Rukh Khan will play a cameo on the film. The story portrays Salman’s love for his brother, who is long gone on the Sino Indian War 1962. This becomes the backdrop of the movie, and his experiences without his brother poignantly leads to a strong faith in him to bring back him back, with his inner strength and strong belief in hope. The movie appears to be very entertaining.

Salman Khan is a seasoned actor and played very smoothly into the role. However, since he is ordinarily dressed in the flick, he apparently looks heavier in weight and might want to cut down on extra pounds for his future flicks and show up new in a lean look. This will make a hell lot of other women crazy for the star and few more men jealous. There are few similarities as well as changes made to the English movie. Here the super star plays the brother  instead of the war hero in the flick. The director has re-created the scene from the movie “Little Boy”, where Salman Khan positions his hands peculiar to the English movie, and eventually moves the mountain, repeating the same magic words “Do you Believe You Can Do it? Yes…”


Portraying the Little hero! same style, same form and same objective!

Branding the movie, with characters like (late)Om Puri and Salman Khan will help a great deal in increasing the viewership including great returns and house full shows. The adaptation of movies is a good idea. As there are hundreds of movies that are made, great stories with great ideologies may get restricted to a region or language. However, this method can diversify viewership and share good cinema in more regions around the globe.  So we can shack all pre-fed ideas about it being copied and instead enjoy the lovely script.

Bollywood has till date evolved and offered an array of variety that has entertained generations and has the capability to produce great cinema and actors. somehow the ‘Khans’ believe and have limited their movie appearance to once in a year, forgetting the tough competition with seasoned  stars like Akshay Kumar, Irfan Khan, Amitabh Bachchan , along with budding young stars like Ranbir Kapoor & Ranveer Singh. who do more than one movie in a year, yet giving hits one after another.  The highway is  truely crowded with hollywood stars of Salman’s age like Tom Hanks, Adam Sandler, Russel Crowe, Tom Cruise, Jeorge Clooney, Robert Downey Jr., Ben Stiller and so on have created personalities on screen and are not just American actors but have created a global brand.

Not forgetting the fact, that great expectations are withheld with the fans and followers for this industry. Love and demand for big or new stars to favorite directors, dress designers or even music producers with a never ending choice of people involved in the list. Cinema means entertainment for people. For some it may also play as a driving social factor that may lead to development or stagnation of ideologies and personalities. Every time we hear the words ‘Khan’, or a ‘Kapur’ , it will first of, bring a celebrity name in our minds instead of any other thing living or dead. So names so powerful and loved should really consider their roles in a movie before signing a film.

Salman Khan is super favourite star of one of my family member, as per her, he is granted of any number of sins and  flaws. His favoritism is among a huge crowd in India with followers who can do anything for his single glance.  I hope he understands the amount of emotion involved and breaks the conventional style to show in a new avatar. As per the Trailer of the movie out on you tube, the views have already reached a high number of likes and shares. Salman Khan looks adorable flaunting his ability to canvas in all types of characters. The songs are already doing good and thanks to Pritam for all his creativity.

The Rs.100 Crore  movie,-‘Tube Light’ is all set to release on the 23rd of June 2017. We can all stop any precondition about the movie and wait for it as a fresh entertainer to rock the box office and wish it a huge success.



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