About Us & PLH team


Potluckhub is a food, life and travel blog which has evolved from ideas and observation of life around us. It’s like a little pocket book for a quick note down for all small or big, tangible and non-tangible experiences of life, rolled in my own words and served with care and love to my readers.

Having almost reached a year to look back at, Potluckhub is packed with memories to occasions, parties to festivals, collaborations to building bonds and holidays to random road trips. All have helped in designing the content of this blog, making it a full-fledged lifestyle and travel blog and received much love and appreciation from our readers.

About the Author:

Shephali  Saran  is a hotel management graduate, currently pursuing  Master’s in English. She is a true cosmopolite, a full time mother of two, loves to cook and is a travel enthusiast based in Delhi. The website is a result of great belief and hard work.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”

– It is this love for life and its offerings which make the essence of this blog.  She strongly believes that high spirits and a smile can take you smoothly through all thick and thin. You can get in touch with her at


The Journey:

Potluckhub started as a food blog introducing self-tried recipes to doing food reviews. On getting a

Good response from the readers, we added Life and Travel sections to meet the needs.

The Ideology:

All life is an experiment, the more experiment; the better!

Potluckhub Team:

Himanshu- aka Jacko

We first started blogging on wordpress with more of food and culture but getting Jacko on board was adding dope to the blog. He brought brilliant new ideas and put everything well organized in the website.  He is the website designer and manages all promotions on the page. Not forgetting to mention that he added Travel to Potluckhub, making it one of the few family travel blogs. An MBA by qualification and hailing from the FMCG industry, heading an online Sushi delivery restaurant has put in long hours and analytics to progress the blog.



Get in Touch!

If you wish to add to the content of Potluckhub, you can mail at info@potluckhub.in  and get published. We inspire all art of living and happy to welcome ideas from all genres of Life, Food and Travel. For the coming year we lay focus on sharing more service and product related blogs.