With love from Japan: from Santa

Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho…. My son came running to me and his eyes were wide open in surprise. He said “Its Santa!!”, I opened the door and what a pleasant surprise this was. We had ordered couple of sushi from #SushiJunction for the Christmas Eve, and from behind the door I saw their shiny white bag with that black logo which reminds me of the song ” Sayonara….Sayonara” from the movie ” Love in Tokyo”, carrying my order was a smiling Santa. Thank you Sushi Junction, for this lovely surprise. 
We have often seen restaurants, malls and markets clad in decoration, but for a delivery chain it is a bit challenging to share the festive spirit, But this brilliant gesture made me think that how creative people are and how something so challenging can be executed with such an ease ensuring a long lasting impression of a Brand that makes sure they leave an unforgettable impression every now and then, so to make this effort with such personalisation is commendable. For me it was a priceless moment to watch my child in astonishment, because Santa took extra few minutes to ask simple questions motivating him for his good efforts, while I fetched few candies for his kind visit. 

Santa from Sushi Junction HoHoHo..

I called back and thanked the staff. On speaking to the team, I learned that how entire Sushi Junction team had been waiting for these two days to share the joy, and experience their wow moment while sharing a smile. The team is really happy as they were cordially welcomed with equal excitement during their delivery visits. 
I’ve always learnt that Big Brands always Plans something innovative during the festive seasons and Sushi Junction has always contributed to celebrations in an innovative way, be it the Japanese children’s day when they gave away candies in an Origami Carp Fish or be it Santa delivering your orders personally on Christmas to make you feel special and live the Christmas spirit. They believe in strong and long customer relations and have primarily focused on this aspect, apart from making delicious sushi. 

Both my Sushi & Surprise came together

While I was planning a caption for my write up, the first thing came to my mind was “With love from Japan”! Also on thinking further, the entire team got us happiness from a farther distance, bringing Santa to my door from the North Pole. So this is how Sushi Junction celebrated Christmas with some of us and shared love and happiness.
I was able to get some pictures with the busy Santa who spared a little time to share a frame or two with me, So here I am to share the experience with my readers.
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