1st Indian Cruise to Antarctica- By Q Experiences

 Celebrate this winter in the summers of the ‘White Continent’


The Q Experience is an Indian Luxury Travel company by Mr. Vasim Sheikh, who brings to you an exclusive, full of luxury trip to Antarctica in a luxury cruise. Founded in 2012, the company has created many successful travel stories around the world. The Q experience has specially curated this trip only for Indians and NRIS during this December. Read on to get the real crisp and experience while I brief you through the wondrous journey of your lifetime.

What you get?

The company has a chartered luxury ship that will carry only 200 Indians to Antarctica. The White Continent has a curated itinerary that will cruise the passengers through South America crossing the Drake Passage in two days. The ship has striking luxuries, including accommodation, entertainment, live music, shows, food, recreation with plays and dance performances. Travelling to Antarctica by itself gives thrills of excitement and anxiousness. What not can be imagined from clear skies to floating to the quietest places on the planet? If I got a chance to hop I’d choose to stay up all night and watch that sky gleaming upon me.

The Magestic Cruise Experience

The yacht-

The sleek yacht, flying my country’s flag will majestically welcome travellers on board to a 460 feet of luxury and elegance. It will have 132 staterooms and suits, complete with French interiors. This has been specially designed by the French interior designer – Jean Philippe Nusel.

French-Interiors- an example. Image source- Style Motivation

The Food-

I simply cannot imagine a holiday with no or bad food. I am sure this is the very next thing we all look up to after our staying arrangement. Now that we know our yacht is ultra-luxurious with extra points on the French interiors I am surely looking at my dinner plate for some surprise. Mr Vasim has set the cradle with all the pampering one can imagine. We can stand tall and announce that our pallets are going to be treated extra cautiously too.

Our Chef on board will be Chef Atul Kochhar, Indian Michelin-starred chef will ensure a superior gastronomic experience to the travellers. Or guests will be treated to the finest Indian regional cuisines. This will work along with a catering team from Alain Ducasse, who are excellent restaurateurs and have passionately served its guests with best food experience and heartwarming hospitality.

As a traveller here I would get a chance to treat myself with a different buffet theme every day.  Global cuisines and best of vines will add like icing on the cake.

Love for Indian Food

The Route-

Confirmed with extraordinary food and an elegant stay, travellers will get to experience a whole new channel of earthly beauty while crossing glaciers of Neko Bay and Paradise Bay, anchoring at Port Lockroy, and finally sailing to the colony of Chinstrap Penguins at Deception Island reaching the quietest place on Earth, the Weddell Sea. Not many know that Antarctica is only accessible through small boats and motor vessels, where not more than 100 people can land on the Peninsular at a given point in time.  I am sure you have already made your plans while reading this.


The Itinerary in Brief (day wise)


·         Day 1 to 3

The travellers aboard the Majestic Explorer will board from Ushuaia- The city at the edge of the world. It’s at the confluence of the Pacific, Atlantic and the Indian oceans. This is popularly called the Drake Passage and our travellers will be sailing here for two days and nights. Just imagine the breeze and beauty of your location and rest all of it is needless to explain.


·         Day 4

In school we have all learnt about glaciers and bays but here we get chance to sail amidst the glaciers of Neko Bay and Paradise Bay. To experience the never ending shades of blue this is the place to be. The land is covered in ice, floating off in the ocean and this sight shall surely leave you speechless. Most expectations out of your trip will be sure deal with here, while you will carry ‘blue but happy’, memories from this place.

Neko-Harbour-Image Source -ponant-le-blog.jpg

·         Day 5 &6

Heading towards the Port Charkot and Port Lockroy, travelers will get to see the Kelp Gull with it white and black huge wings sitting over white snow. It surely will be a breathtaking view with so many of them. At this point you will get a chance to send home some love with postcards from a post office located here. There is a small museum here too.

ivory_gull_Image source-by-riddleages.jpg

·         Day 7

The deception Island visit will bring out the geologist in you. It is an island in the South of Shetland island archipelagos, and is famous for its active volcano. This also renders the surroundings with natural hot springs. You might catch sights of dilapidated buildings and equipment which are a proof to its active history as a productive science and whaling station to many countries. Due to its caldera it is one of the safest islands of Antarctica and had attracted many industries by 1960’s.  However, these were swept away as were built on an active volcano which erupted repeatedly. I am sure it builds a lot of curiosity and you already want to be there.

Watching a 100,000 Chinstrap penguins, to play with along with fur seals, elephant seals, is going to be a breathtaking sight. Right now, all you need to do is close your eyes and imagine a fluffy bed of snow and see yourself cuddling a cute little penguin! Now this is your dream come true situation! So grab it.

tourist-enjoying-hot-springs at the Deception Island-by-wikimedia


·         Day 8

The Weddell Sea- Known as the quietest place on Earth will add an amazing experience for the travelers, while they can catch sights of Weddell Sea seals.

weddell-sea. Image Source- Britanica

·         Day 9 & 10

The travellers will get back to the Ushuaia Station passing the Drake Passage once again.

The white continent Image Source -wikimedia

·         Day 11

So it’s a goodbye, the journey comes to an end here and the travelers leave the Majestic Explorer today.  The travelers will go home after sailing through the coldest temperatures, traveling in zero hours with day light for all days. Memories of white and blue might bring a new life and realization to their living. How so many places on our mother Earth are so serene and untouched in the cradle of nature?

I don’t have many teeth falling now but I have my eight year old son who has already wished upon the ‘Tooth fairy’ to fetch him this wow journey. Get to your December schedule and make some changes for we have book tickets.


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