Love : Always comes as a surprise!!

Delhi is slowly lapping into its most beautiful and enthralled winter weather. Along with it is rolling in a huge line of events and celebrations, marking the presence of so many startups from the year 2015 and these brands have from time and again demonstrated their caliber and the ability to create with  consistent performance event after event! Talking about one such food chain enveloped with all the love to share from across “land of rising sun”-Japan, is Sushi Junction. Little known, but loved most among those who have interacted with the friendly team and then feasted their palettes to delicious Sushi offered here. 

From uniforms to the stall- all is neat & clean for a get set go


The brand’s existence was loudly and formally introduced when it backed the Big F Awards, under the Jury’s choice/ selection, from the online food delivery startup categories. The Cinderella man, Tomonaga Tejima, a Japanese by origin and a Yale graduate, left behind his well paying job for the love of food and to fulfil his dream of commemorating Sushi in the Indian market, producing high quality and delectable taste without failure. 

Stall at Park Place Gurugram

If you happen to find them in a Mela, you can come across their sweet host Ayako Tejima who shares equal love and dream to be the best Sushi delivery outlet in New Delhi. 
From the Grubb Fest to some prominent Diwali Melas at Park Place Gurugram, they have undoubtedly made a presence in the hearts of their consumers and are looking forward to building a stronger bond with most others who have yet to taste their Sushi. I met the generous couple at the Grubb Fest and this is where they shared all these facts. I attended both the festivals and got a chance to interact with the team at their beautifully decorated stalls . Acclamation to Ayako, for her creative work with beautiful origami and giving the stalls her personal touch.

Hand made paper decoration by Ayako Tejima

Thanks to globalisation and an open arm welcome to accept change, the Indian consumers have elevated from a restricted and opinionated food choice to developing a taste for new concepts and food from across lands and turn out to be higher buyers for food like Sushi as compared to the existing Koreans and Japanese in Gurugram and South Delhi. 

On the buffet table

With such tremendous response and love in return, Sushi Junction is looking forward to more buyers and more such events, that truly admire their presence, especially their food. 

On behalf of All those who are already big fans of Sushi Junction, I thank the management staff and the chefs for giving us such delicious Sushi.

A happy team and always Smiling😊

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  1. I love the offerings of Sushi Junction. Their sushi is quite innovative and delivery system very efficient. I especially love the Indian version of their sushi like Paneer. It’s great for vegetarians too.

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