Good morning Gurugram!

A much awaited suggestion for the name change of this rapidly diversifying City and state has finally been recognised as Gurugram. The name comes from India’s age old epic, Mahabharata. The chief minister, Mr Manohar Lal Khattar announced formally after the Union government accepted the proposal. November 1st marks the golden jubilee of the state and with it will be the commencement of a year long celebrations. The chief minister is cautiously fore sighting further progress in the direction of forming a Gurugram development Authority.

So this was the cheese! Now how simple or difficult would it be to eat the cheese? Since it’s already here, we will gradually accept the idea with alacrity. Will changing names also change the fate of the state? I am an optimist and love to think positively. May be personalisation brings about ownership and deeper responsibility. So be it! Changing sides on a bed comes with difficulty so will this, but frankly, everybody should be open to change.

I am going to make changes in my address list today, which of course will be a hassle looking at the larger front. Never the less I will make sure that I tease a few friends over the phone, but all on a good note.

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