The Green Snack Co :Three Cheers to Healthy Snacking!

Put an end to guilt, post enjoying a packet of flavoured potato chips or nachos with dips!! But, it all starts with a craving. What if I introduce you to a life changing packet of Snack. Which will put an end to your craving finally quenching your hunger. So stay fit while you can still munch through any time of the day, as The Green Snack Co. Is here to redesign your snack habits and help you – ” live smart and snack smart!” 

Carry your Green Snack in style

Let’s celebrate our hunger pangs with this new range of healthy, fresh, crispy and self-flavoured aromas of delicious Kale Crisps and Quinoa Puffs. Grab these in three delightful flavours. Add your favourite Kale crisps to your soups, salads, pastas and sandwiches for a crispy twist. 

The Kale crisps are prepared through the process of dehydration which excludes the use of oil, for neither baking nor frying. This mouth watering snack is a boost of energy with a high nutritional value including Iron, Calcium, Proteins and Vitamin A,C and K. With antioxidants and dietary fibre. Kale being the basic ingredient here, it is self constituted to build bone health, immunity, fight cholesterol and finally boost metabolism, finally aiding weight loss. 

Three mouth watering flavours

That’s not all, the Quinoa puffs on the other hand are a wholesome bliss. These are ‘roasted’, which in turn allows the nutrition to stay-fix with in the product. This has a combination of power packed super grains like Quinoa, Amaranth, Ragi, Soy, Rice and Maize. Who wouldn’t know what magic all these would do when created together? This is a treasure-trove of vitamin B including proteins, fibre and minerals and most of all antioxidants to make up a healthy power back up! 

The new & attractive packaging

Well, all this information is far from convincing, to replace my fatty- snack options, before I reach my dinner table after a tiring day. The Green Snack Co. has laid the basis for your healthy start, ensuring it is never too late to embark upon a healthy snacking! Keeping in mind the well aware consumer who has evolved with this fast changing environment. 

Go green with natural goodness of Kale

These healthy snacks offer a guilt free snacking striking a balance of health and delicious taste. So this time when you plan to lazy over a late night movie, you can still munch on something healthy. Bring home the new and attractive packs of Kale and Quinoa from the Green Snack Co. and experience the new and healthy you!

Taste the Goodness!

The company has pan India presence and distribution. Where you could easily pick these online whereas these are also available at superstores like Modern Bazar, Food Hall, Godrej’s Nature Basket, Hyper City to name a few. With a presence in retail over 20 cities, the Green Snack Co is planning expansion for the health conscious and fitness lovers across India and to help others by providing a healthy and delicious snack time- as any time option!  

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